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Welcome to the Friends of Rapid Bay Jetty web site. This web site is intended to provide the latest information for those interested in the future of one of our State's treasures.

Jetty Status

Last updated: 14 February, 2014

The construction of the new jetty has been completed. The new jetty is now open to the public, and has been officially opened by Hon. Patrick Conlon on the 11th March, 2009.

Thanks to Network 10 for providing the above image.

The jetty is open for fishing and diving. If fishing, please observe minimum catch sizes as per the measuring stations, and gently release anything (including rays and sharks) that you do not intend to eat, as the marine environment is a delicate balance. Please make sure your rubbish does not blow off the jetty. If diving, beware of fishing lines, and note that there are two underwater trails to lead you from beneath the diver platform across to the old jetty (and back).

Camping Ground

The camping ground is presently open, and is a great place to unwind, without breaking the bank! Cost of camping is $7/night for adults, and $3.50/night for kids (subject to change). Two electric BBQs, open air cold showers and toilets are available. Water is trucked in, so please use it wisely. The managers do not take bookings however groups are by prior arrangement only. Even at peak times, there is usually somewhere to squeeze in. Just turn up and find a spot in the camp ground area to set up camp.  Pets are allowed, but must be kept on a lead at all times. Fires are not allowed any time of the year (this includes fires in metal drums).

Some photos of the camping ground taken in March (a quieter time of the year), are available via this link.

Electronic copies of the flyers handed out at the camping ground are also available via these links::
Flyer 1
Flyer 2

The campground managers (Reena & Lucas), will typically call by twice a day to collect camping fees and make sure everything is OK. The campground managers are available on 08 8598 3003 (just call later if there is no answer), but if you just want to know what the local weather is like, then please do not call them - check the BoM on the link below for the latest local weather conditions:

Parawa West automated weather station (just up the hill) - click here

Please be considerate of others camping at this fantastic site, as inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated, and you will be asked to leave. Please ensure that music and generators are turned off at a reasonable time in the evening to ensure everyone gets some rest.

Quick Update

11-Mar-2009: The Jetty has been officially opened by Hon. Patrick Conlon. Images from the opening to be added soon.

10-Mar-2009: Change of time (again) for official opening - now 11-11.45am, date is as before (11th March). Premier Rann will be officially opening the jetty.

27-Feb-2009: The Victor Times has published an article "Rapid Bay welcomes new jetty" - available here.

26-Feb-2009: Change of time for official opening - now 9-9.45am, date is as before (11th March)

25-Feb-2009: The new jetty is now open to the public, as per this media release from Minister Conlon.

23-Feb-2009: The construction of the new jetty has been completed. The official opening will take place on Wednesday 11th March 2009 between 9 and 9.45am. We hope to see you there! (Please note that the previous date shown as 27th Feb. was incorrect, as was the previous time of 10-11am.)

20-Jan-2009: Construction images added (see below). Opening Date: The latest information we have from the DTEI Office of Major Projects & Infrastructure regarding the opening date of the new jetty is that it shall be opened in late January / early February 2009, but unfortunately not in time for the Australia Day Long Weekend. As soon as a date is provided, we shall publish it on this website and e-mail notification to subscribers of the FRBJ mailing list.

04-Dec-2008: The Victor Times has printed an article titled "Delay for Rapid Bay jetty completion" (but goes on to say that "construction is well under way..."). Click here to read the article. 

Nov -2008: Images showing construction of the new jetty are below. Click on the image for a larger version, click the 'back' button in your browser to return to this page. Many thanks to the DTEI Office of Major Projects & Infrastructure for providing them.



08-Oct-2008: The Victor Times has printed an article titled " 'Rapid' progress on new jetty". Click here to read the article (image below by Glenice Galbraith):

20-Aug-2008: Work has commenced on the new jetty at Rapid Bay. As per 'Quick Update' above, access to the original jetty is not possible, while the new jetty is being built. The target completion date is Christmas 2008, but may vary depending upon the weather conditions.

01-Aug-2008: The Advertiser Watch has printed an article "1114 days and finally work to start on new Rapid Bay Jetty". The article is available for download here (PDF 1050KB).

25-May-2008: The Sunday Mail has printed an article in relation to the State Govt. News Release (below). The article is available for download here (PDF 1450KB, broadband) or here (PDF, 106KB, dial-up).

25-May-2008: The Minister for Transport, Infrastructure & Energy, Hon Patrick Conlon has issued a News Release "Contract Awarded for Rapid Bay Jetty". It may be downloaded here (PDF, 73KB).

13-Dec-2007: The latest update from FRBJ is available here (18KB). .

15-Dec-2007: The Advertiser 'Watch' has printed a further follow-up article, available here (140KB).

02-Dec-2007: The Department of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure has issued a press release, which is available here (26KB).

02-Nov-2007: Test piling for the new jetty at Rapid Bay has commenced. Seven Nightly News covered the story, with the video footage to be available here soon. do - more press articles and television coverage to be inserted here.

04-Jun-2007: A follow-up article has appeared in The Advertiser 'Watch', and is available here (172KB) (hi-res version available here (902KB)). It should be noted that our original (quoted) statement concerning meeting with stakeholders included SARFAC (South Australian Recreational Fishing Advisory Council).

31-May-2007: The Rapid Bay jetty project has been referred to the Federal Environment Department for comment - Follow this link for details.

General Update: The FRBJ are quite pleased with the progress. We (FRBJ) along with the other stakeholders SDFSA (Scuba Diver's Federation S.A.) and SARFAC (South Australian Recreational Fishing Advisory Council) have met with DTEI Infrastructure Division to review plans, and provide input. They have done a great job of taking our feedback on board, and 'keeping us in the loop'. The completion date target is end of 2008 (with construction beginning in the 1st half of 2008).

Whilst it would have been great to have it ready for Christmas 2007,there is a process to be followed, and that takes time for a project of this size.

31-Mar-2007: The tender documents for the construction of the new jetty were released today, as per this advertisement in the Weekend Australian. 

All of the tender documents are also available from our site:

On some browsers, the end of the filenames are truncated, but when you move the mouse over the names, they appear in full at the bottom of the browser window.
There is a single file, which contains all of the files in the aforementioned folder as a single ZIP archive (14.5MB).

The documents of greatest interest (we think) are the design scope document and page 10 of the preliminary design report which shows the layout of the new jetty in relation to the original one.

08-Sep-2006: Fantastic News re Rapid Bay Jetty. Government News Release, available here (78KB).

03-Aug-2006: The Victor Times have printed an article which may be found on-line here.

27-Jun-2006: The Friends of Rapid Bay Jetty and other stakeholders have met with representatives from the Office of Major Projects and Infrastructure on Tuesday evening. At this meeting the parties discussed a preferred proposal for Rapid Bay which received unanimous support. This proposal will be presented to Government for consideration.

A continuation of Rapid Bay Jetty News may be found on the News Page.

There is now a mailing list, if you'd like updates sent to your e-mail address.
Read what the students of Rapid Bay Primary have to say about the jetty closure.
Also read a letter sent to the Friends of Rapid Bay Jetty by Jon Huie, Boating and Fishing columnist for the Sunday Mail.


Rapid Bay Jetty is located on the Fleurieu Peninsula, approximately 100 KM south of Adelaide. It was built in 1940 as part of the limestone and dolomite mine located nearby. It is 488 metres long (running north-south), with a 200 metre long section at the end (running east-west), forming a 'T'.

The jetty was last used commercially in 1990, and has fallen into a state of disrepair. The jetty was closed just before Christmas, 2004. The future of the jetty is now uncertain.

The Rapid Bay Jetty is used by many anglers and divers. It provides deeper water fishing and is rated as one of the top 10 jetty dives in Australia. See the impact section for more information on the impacts of losing and benefits of keeping the jetty.

Our Mission

The Rapid Bay Jetty may be demolished! We are working with Yankalilla Council and State Government,  to formulate a plan securing the future of the jetty for present and future generations to enjoy.

Our Group Statement, which states our group's objectives may be found here. 

Organisation Profile

We are a non-profit group of volunteers, working to ensure the positive future of the Rapid Bay Jetty.


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