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Many thanks to the 2700 people who signed the petition. The petition was given to The Yankalilla District Council's CEO at the public meeting (2nd March 2005).

Copies of the petition (above) and the newer petition were given to the Hon. Patrick Conlon (Minister for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure) at the stakeholders' meeting on the 22nd September 2005. Over 5000 signatures in total were collected. 

We cannot save the jetty alone. We need your help!

It is vital to the future of Rapid Bay Jetty that you write to the Premier, The Hon. Mike Rann, MP, and the Minister for Transport, the Hon. Patrick Conlon, MP, expressing your opinions, concerns and visions for the Rapid Bay area and in particular, the Rapid Bay Jetty.

Address your letters asking for the restoration and development of this invaluable State asset to:

The Hon. Mike Rann, MP,
200 Victoria Square,
Adelaide, S.A., 5000

The Hon. Patrick Conlon, MP,
Minister for Transport
GPO Box 2969,
Adelaide, S.A., 5001

If you could e-mail us contact us (preferably via e-mail) to let us know that you've sent them, we'd really appreciate it!

There will be other things that we'll need your help with in the future, so please be sure to join our mailing list so that we have a means of contacting you.

If you've written to the above MPs, and your pen is warmed up, please also send letters to the editor of your favourite paper. Letters to the editor should not be underestimated, as they are often used by government as a 'barometer' of community opinion.

Some suggested papers are:

The Times
Letters to the Editor
PO Box 107,
Victor Harbor,
S.A. 5211
FAX: 08 8552 4613

The Advertiser
Letters to the Editor
GPO Box 339,
S.A. 5001
FAX: 08 8206 3669
e-mail: and must be in plain text and not contain any formatting or graphics. Letters to The Advertiser should be brief - preferably no more than 175 words, must be signed and include name and address for publication. Include a telephone number for verification.

The Sunday Mail
...details to be added...or just look in the paper

The Messenger
Letters to the Editor
PO Box 197,
Port Adelaide,
S.A. 5015
FAX: 08 8447 5278
Inquiries 08 8347 5768
e-mail: . Letters to the Messenger must me no more than 300 words. Writers must include their name and suburb (which will be published) and a daytime contact number.

Many thanks for your support!


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