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Letter - From Jon Huie,
Fishing & Boating Columnist, The Sunday Mail.

I find it difficult to understand how the incumbent Government, Opposition and independent MP's could have allowed this invaluable and irreplaceable recreational community asset to deteriorate to its current condition. There are no excuses and in any state other than South Australia, this would not have been allowed to occur.

Rapid Bay, the adjacent escarpment and coastline and the charm of a deep water jetty is breathtakingly unique. It's aesthetic and economic value as a tourist attraction, dive and fishing location and holiday destination has been totally underestimated by a series of governments.

In my view, the absence of a bipartisan approach by the whole of Parliament and local Government to restore the jetty and upgrade surrounding amenities to national standards  demonstrates a complete lack of vision and understanding.

If Rapid Bay was located as close to a capital city anywhere else in Australia, it's character would be preserved - including the jetty and tastefully developed.

No regard has been given to the importance of Rapid Bay jetty to the regional economy or for the need to provide and maintain recreational facilities for the community, within an hour or so drive from Adelaide.

The Government has done nothing but procrastinate and in the meantime, the jetty restorative costs have escalated.

The Rapid Bay jetty scenario and is yet another example of why South Australia is regarded in the eastern States - with good reason - as a stagnant backwater. The State Government decision makers are absolutely hopeless.

I hope the meeting goes well and those in attendance are able to turn Government thinking towards what needs to be done - commit funds to restoring and preserving the jetty for future generations to enjoy. Then do it!

Kind Regards,

Jon Huie

Fishing & Boating Columnist
The Sunday Mail


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