Friends of Rapid Bay Jetty

 Press Release – 3rd March 2005 (updated 7th March 2005)

Huge public and high profile support to save the Rapid Bay Jetty as Friends group wins right to attend future stakeholder meetings with government.

Over 200 people attended the public meeting on Wednesday 2nd March, showing their support for retaining the Rapid Bay Jetty. The meeting was chaired by Rod Payze, President of the SA National Football League, and attended by Yankalilla District Council’s CEO Roger Sweetman and Transport SA’s Chief Executive Tim O’Loughlin. The jetty falls within the area governed by Yankalilla District Council and is owned by Transport S.A.

Speakers revealed significant ecological, social and economic benefits associated with retaining the jetty.

Rapid Bay is one of the few places in Australia where the protected Leafy Sea Dragon can be seen in its natural habitat without a boat, and provides some of the best jetty fishing in the state – a favourite fishing and diving spot, which attracts many tourists.

An unofficial figure of $3M was said to be the cost of restoring the jetty.

The jetty currently brings in up to $1M of income to the area per year and hence is economically viable from a regional development perspective. Many made reference to its potential earning capacity as a tourism icon in the future and suggested it might sustain tourism development and an underwater viewing platform.

The State Government is evaluating a number of options, and members of the Friends of Rapid Bay Jetty group have been invited to attend the relevant Transport SA meetings concerning the jetty’s future.

A motion was put forward by those present at the meeting calling upon the Governments of Australia and especially of South Australia, to commit now to a full restoration and maintenance of the Rapid Bay Jetty within a 3 year period.

The meeting passed the motion unanimously.

Yankalilla Area Commerce & Community Association Inc (YACCA) and Friends of Rapid Bay Jetty will be rallying to make this issue a focus of Cabinet.

In addition, over 2500 people have signed a petition requesting that works be undertaken to reopen public access to the full length of the jetty and to ensure long term viability of this valuable State asset. This petition was presented to Roger Sweetman at the meeting by the Friends of Rapid Bay Jetty.

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