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"Report On The Fishes Under Rapid Bay Jetty"
Thanks to Dr Scoresby Shepherd and SARDI.

"Rapid Bay Jetty Closure its TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE impact to the Southern Fleurieu Region". A conservative report showing that based on camping ground figures only (i.e. excluding 'day trippers'), that the Rapid Bay Jetty brings in almost $1M to the region annually. Click here for the report (PDF, 100KB). Unfortunately our applications to local bodies for funding required to further the study (as detailed by the report), were rejected.

10-Feb-2006: The Hon. Patrick Conlon (Minister for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure), has provided the Friends of Rapid Bay Jetty with the Environmental Impact Assessment. 

Please note the statement in the cover letter:

"It should be noted the report refers to a 'preferred' design....... the report does not contain details of other options that are available.

Other options will be considered, and it should not be assumed that the option detailed in the report is the State Government's preference.

Consultation between relevant Government agencies, community groups and other interested parties regarding the issues surrounding the Jetty will take place prior to an announcement being made about its future."

It should also be noted that as per the Friends of Rapid Bay Jetty Group Statement, "It is the declared intention of the group, Friends of Rapid Bay Jetty (FRBJ) to have the Jetty repaired / rebuilt to the pre 1995-decked area. This includes replacing the deck out to the East and West dolphins." This is what we shall continue to fight for.

The cover letter and report are available via the links below:

Cover Letter (53KB)
Main Report (402KB)
Appendix A (Drawings/Plans, 572KB)
Appendix B (EPBC Protected Matters Search, 358KB)
Appendix C (Species List, 135KB)

To give you a rough idea of download times for a dial-up connection, a '200KB' file will take around 1 minute to download.


14-Aug-2005: Thanks to the Hon. Sandra Kanck, the Friends of Rapid Bay Jetty now have the engineer's reports on the jetty. We are extremely grateful to Sandra Kanck for her help to access the reports. All of the reports we have are available below.

Most are aware that the jetty is in a state of disrepair due to neglect. The jetty was originally built as an industrial jetty, but has made a transition to being a recreational jetty.  It should be kept in mind when reading these reports that it is from an engineer's perspective primarily as an industrial jetty. In some of the earlier reports, they're assessing the jetty in terms of 2-3 tonnes of wheel loading!

The main 'index' document is " RBJ_00_Reports.pdf ".

Summaries are available for some documents (..._Summary.pdf) to avoid downloading the whole report if that's all you need, otherwise the complete document is available.(..._Complete.pdf). 

Some of the scanned colour images within the PDFs may not contain all of the desired detail, so digital images are contained within the ..._Images folder for the relevant reports.

You can left-click on any given report to read it directly, or right-click and select 'save target as' to save it to your computer (and open manually), for off-line reading & future reference.

RBJ_00_Reports.pdf (List of documents) (110KB)
RBJ_01_Report2005_Complete.pdf (647KB)
RBJ_01_Report2005_Summary.pdf (130KB)
RBJ_02_Report2004_Complete.pdf (3.36MB)
RBJ_02_Report2004_Summary.pdf (199KB)
    RBJ_02_Report2004_Images (folder, contains higher quality images from the report)
RBJ_03_Photo2003_Complete.pdf (30KB)
RBJ_04_Report2000_Complete.pdf (436KB)
RBJ_05_Report1998_Article.pdf (132KB)
RBJ_05_Report1998_Complete.pdf (1.38MB)
RBJ_05_Report1998_Summary.pdf (44KB)
RBJ_06_Report1998_Complete.pdf (191KB)
RBJ_07_Report1992_Complete.pdf (243KB)
RBJ_08_Report1987_Complete.pdf (2.11MB)
RBJ_08_Report1987_Summary.pdf (101KB)
    RBJ_08_Report1987_Images (folder, contains higher quality images from the report)

Next to each of the files is a number with 'KB' (kilobytes) or 'MB' (megabytes) next to it, indicating the size of the file.  To give you a rough idea of download times for a dial-up connection, a '200k' file will take around 1 minute to download, and a '1M' file will take around 5 minutes to download.

You will need Acrobat Reader to read most of the documents presented here. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, it may be downloaded free of charge:
Download Acrobat Reader now


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